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Archive for October, 2007

Cruise ships - unseen pollution


AboutMyPlanet recently noted that a major stake of the pollution happening in our oceans comes from cruise ships - yet few people realize it since it’s a largely a matter of “out of sight, out of mind”:
Diesel exhaust from one cruise ship alone produces more diesel pollution then created by 1000 trucks per day. On […]

Biofuels ‘crime against humanity’ - UN


Jean Ziegler, the UN special rapporteur on the right to food, has called the increasing production of biofuels from crops a ‘crime against humanity’, fearing that it could exacerbate global hunger. As biofuels are gaining ground, some crop prices have been boosted to record levels.
Ziegler urged a 5-year ban on the practice of diverting arable […]

China to clean up Lake Tai


Earlier this year, an algae infestation disrupted the water supply from Lake Tai, one of China’s largest lakes. Now, the Jiangsu province in which the lake is located, plans to spend $14.5 million to ‘improve water quality and control polluters’. The government issued a statement in which it estimated that within five years, water quality […]

Beijing smog saga continues


Earlier we reported that China has one of the largest pollution-related death tolls in the world, and that Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world - the venue for the 2008 olympic games.

Today, Yahoo! Green reports that on Friday, Beijing’s citizens were warned to stay indoors due to the risk of […]

Copious livestock emissions overlooked?


A column by TimesOnline notes that a large contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions that few people are truly aware of - is right under our noses - namely livestock production. 18% of greenhouse gases produced by human activities comes from livestock production - 4% more than from transport. To make things worse, global meat and dairy […]

Cigarette-style ‘Health Warnings’ for car ads


As TimesOnline reports, in a bold effort to reduce carbon emissions, the European Parliament is about to approve a plan that will require all car ads to carry “health-warnings” about their environmental impact.

Companies that produce the most polluting cars will also have to pay penalties of up to £5,000 per vehicle, with the proceeds […]

Did you know?

In 2010, there will be 4200km of new highways in and around Shanghai, China that didn't exist in 2000. Varese, a town in Northern Italy, runs on 100% renewable power. The town uses a mix of wind, solar and small-scale hydropower. The town has reaped benefits from the energy network through added jobs, and an additional 350,000 euros [US $514,000] in revenues that are handed over to the council each year.


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