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TreeHugger has compiled some facts related to the positive effects of the new 35mpg mileage requirements introduced by the US. The numbers are quite impressive, and illustrate that many Americans may easily overlook the beneficial effects of such initiatives for their country as a whole, as their only concern is their own immediate comfort. I can picture many a Ford F250 or GMC Yukon owner horrified by the idea of driving a small, fuel-efficient car.

241,000 – the number of additional jobs create nationwide, by 2020, that would result from requiring automakers to meet a fleetwide average of 35 miles per gallon (MPG) by 2018.

23,900 – the increase in jobs in the automotive sector alone that would result from the above action.

$37 billion – the amount of money consumers would save, in 2020 alone, from the increased MPG requirements.

1.6 million — the amount of oil, in barrels per day, that the US would save, by 2020, by enacting such action.

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  1. 1 Susan Posted March 1st, 2008 - 5:14 am

    35 miles per gallon??? That is about 6,7l per 100 km and that is nothing small!!!! Go to Europe! Diesel cars have less than 4l per 100km that is about one gallon per 62 miles. So wanting to have “only” 35 miles per gallon is like discovering hot water. And the car, which has such fuel consumption is even not so small. It is not a land rower type car (I do not believe, that people who have such cars are normal!) but it is a big car. Like Skoda Octavia.

  2. 2 Conrad Posted May 10th, 2008 - 7:45 am

    I agree that 35mpg by 2020 is ridiculous, but in US books, it is already a huge improvement over what they currently have.

    I’m not from the US, but I went there for vacation. Cars like the F250 and Yukon/Denali are absolutely enormous. They would probably consider normal European vehicles to be “small” in comparison.

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In 2010, there will be 4200km of new highways in and around Shanghai, China that didn't exist in 2000. Varese, a town in Northern Italy, runs on 100% renewable power. The town uses a mix of wind, solar and small-scale hydropower. The town has reaped benefits from the energy network through added jobs, and an additional 350,000 euros [US $514,000] in revenues that are handed over to the council each year.


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