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UN spells out world’s ghastly state


Reuters reports that the UN Environment Program’s 4th Global Environmental Outlook emphasized that 20 years after a key report raised alarm about the gloomy state of the planet and called for urgent action, not much has changed.

UNEP has issued a 540-page report, calling for a reduction in greenhouse emissions of between 60 and 80%.
The global […]

Did you know?

In 2010, there will be 4200km of new highways in and around Shanghai, China that didn't exist in 2000. Varese, a town in Northern Italy, runs on 100% renewable power. The town uses a mix of wind, solar and small-scale hydropower. The town has reaped benefits from the energy network through added jobs, and an additional 350,000 euros [US $514,000] in revenues that are handed over to the council each year.


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