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Bali - No Deal. But wait, there’s more…


It’s all over the news, and here’s a quick recap in case you haven’t heard: No concrete deal was agreed upon at the UN climate change conference in Bali. As AboutMyPlanet puts it:
At its conclusion, the UNFCCC achieved accord between nations that something must be done, but in the interest of maintaining harmony, declined to […]

CO2 jumps beyond Climate Models’ worst cases?


Yesterday we reported that skeptical scientists are currently intimidating conference-goers at the UN Climate Conference in Bali, touting various reasons why global warming isn’t real. One of their claims is that climate models used to predict (among other things) the effect of human actions on the Earth are wrong.
Well, just under 2 months ago the […]

Sarkozy unveils green revolution


Last Thursday, French president Nicolas Sarkozy promised a green revolution for France, saying that it will put the country in the lead in the fight against climate change:
“France isn’t late but France wants now to be in the lead,” he said in a speech wrapping up a special environmental policy conference seeking […]

Cancelled US Coal Plants total 16


Amid climate change fears, the US has already cancelled 16 plans for coal plants this year, and put another three dozen on hold, according to Yahoo! Green.
The U.S. Department of Energy’s latest tally of pending coal plants, released last week, shows eight projects totaling 7,000 megawatts have been canceled since May. That’s besides the cancellation […]

Top meteorologist ‘refutes’ Gore’s claims


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that one of the world’s top meteorologists ‘has called the theory that helped Al Gore share the Nobel Peace Prize “ridiculous” and the product of “people who don’t understand how the atmosphere works”.’
Dr William Gray, a pioneer in the science of seasonal hurricane forecasts, told a […]

10 Suprising Global Warming Facts


Did you know that the higher carbon dioxide levels and warmer temperatures associated with Global Warming are causing more and more people to suffer from seasonal allergies and asthma?
Or that it is causing chipmunks, mice and squirrels to move to higher altitudes?
Or that thawing of the permanent layer of frozen soil below the ground’s surface […]

Did you know?

In 2010, there will be 4200km of new highways in and around Shanghai, China that didn't exist in 2000. Varese, a town in Northern Italy, runs on 100% renewable power. The town uses a mix of wind, solar and small-scale hydropower. The town has reaped benefits from the energy network through added jobs, and an additional 350,000 euros [US $514,000] in revenues that are handed over to the council each year.


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