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GM kills gas guzzler factories


General Motors made international news recently by closing four of its truck and SUV plants across the US, Canada and Mexico, as part of a rapid move to embrace the demand for smaller vehicles in the US.

The world’s largest carmaker said it was making the moves “to aggressively respond to growing demand for fuel-efficient vehicles […]

35mpg - Source of Opportunity


TreeHugger has compiled some facts related to the positive effects of the new 35mpg mileage requirements introduced by the US. The numbers are quite impressive, and illustrate that many Americans may easily overlook the beneficial effects of such initiatives for their country as a whole, as their only concern is their own immediate comfort. I […]

Big Corporations Share Green Patents


A few large businesses have joined forces to release environmentally-friendly related patents for public use, with more coming on-board. So far big names such as Sony, Nokia, IBM have partnered with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in the project, that has been dubbed the Eco-Patent Commons.
Companies can pledge patents that save energy and […]

Virgin Plans Biofuel Test-flight


AboutMyPlanet reports that Virgin Atlantic has announced its decision to run a biofuel test flight from London to Amsterdam, using a Boeing 747. Personally, I am really glad they are taking this first step, setting an example for other airlines to follow, since air travel has long been loathed for its contribution to air pollution. […]

NanoSolar Goes Live - Cheaper than Coal


The news has been embraced by bloggers all over the web, and reported by the NY Times: The long-awaited, much-hyped, California-based NanoSolar is finally ready to start production - and they have announced that their thin-film solar panels are going to be suprisingly cheap after all.

NanoSolar claims to be the first company capable of profitabilly […]

All UK Schools to be Zero-Carbon by 2016


The Education Guardian reports that the schools secretary for the UK has announced that 110 million pounds will be made available over the next few years in order to turn all schools into zero-carbon buildings by 2016. As an example, they said that 500′000 pounds would typically be made available to a secondary school.
The two […]

Did you know?

In 2010, there will be 4200km of new highways in and around Shanghai, China that didn't exist in 2000. Varese, a town in Northern Italy, runs on 100% renewable power. The town uses a mix of wind, solar and small-scale hydropower. The town has reaped benefits from the energy network through added jobs, and an additional 350,000 euros [US $514,000] in revenues that are handed over to the council each year.


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